The Naples of the East

Japan has many wonderful places to visit, but the area in and around Kagoshima has a rich and beautiful history, with stunning scenery and unique experiences you might not find elsewhere. Kagoshima is the southernmost city in mainland Japan. It is situated on the edge of Kinko Bay and is twinned with Naples due to its tropical similarities.  Because of the semi humid subtropical climate with hot, wet summers, spring or autumn would be an ideal time to visit.


The main attraction of Kagoshima is the mighty Sakurajima. This means ‘cherry blossom island.’

Dominating the Kagoshima city skyline, this is an active volcano within the bay area. Scenic and breathtaking, visitors travel to see the lava flows.

In central part of the city, you can visit Terukuni Shrine. Founded in 1882, it is a popular place to visit during the New Year.

Serene and peaceful, many come here for quiet contemplation and to view its impressive grounds.


Taking a ferry to the island of Sakurajima, where you can take advantage of the Furosato onsen. An onsen is a hot spring, heated by the volcano. The onsen at the Furosato Hotel is very popular with travellers and as you wear a gown, both males and females can enjoy the refreshing therapeutic waters together. It is recommended to go just before sundown as the view of the bay is quite spectacular.

For a more contemporary day out, then Kagoshima has an excellent shopping centre called Amu Plaza. Conveniently located next to the train station, it has over 180 shops over 7 floors, which include arcades, cinema and a ferris wheel on the top floor. This gives an impressive (not to mention very high) view of the entire city!

Guest post from Halit who works as a copywriter and hopes to go back to Japan very soon.