What to see and what to do in one of the most popular tourist spots in the world

Liverpool is a very much sought after tourist attraction with over 75 million tourist each year1. There are many things to do while in Liverpool, and there will be a vast amount of organizations which will try to get you to participate in a tourist activity.  It is with sad coincidence of the passing of Cilla Black we bring this post about the marvelous city of Liverpool to help you decide how to allocate your time and finances when taking a day trip to Liverpool consider these 5 options.


Getting to Liverpool by public transport is the easiest solution by far. Jump on the train using some of the North’s biggest rail companies such as northernrail (rail tickets can be bought online). Alternatively you can fly to Liverpool airport or take the bus.

Number One: The Beatles

When thinking about Liverpool, one of the first things which people associate with the area is the Beatles and for good reason. The Beatles have remained a rock icon for over 60 years. True, the band is no longer able to perform (though Ringo and Paul McCartney Still do singles), but the music lives on. Visiting the Cavern Club where the Beatles first started playing in the 1960s as well as the Beatles Museum should be the stop of any fan.

Number Two: Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery offers visitors a chance to experience Liverpool as well as a bit of art and culture. For over 130 years the gallery has showcased Europe’s most noted artists. Unlike some museums which cater only to a specific genre, the Walker Art Gallery showcases works varying from Pre-Raphaelite to contemporary art. One could easily find a Picasso on display as well as the work of Edward Wadsworth. Some of their highlighted works include Dante’s Dream by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Harmensz Van Rijn Rembrandt, and Peter Getting out of Nick’s Pool by David Hockney.

Number Three: Albert Dock

Built in 1839, the dock is one of Liverpool’s key visitation locations. Albert Dock is the first of its kind. Before its construction, wooden warehouses posed a great risk. The enclosed non-combustible dock warehouse is the first in the world. Anyone interested in the history of England (or the world for that matter) should come and see this iconic innovation of industry. The dock showcases the historical needs of warehouses and industry while at the same time provides an ample amount of entertainment in the form of shops, pubs, restaurants, museums, and more. If you only have one day in Liverpool, a stroll along Albert Dock is a great way to spend it.

Number Four: Palm House

Picking an activity for your daytrip may be a bit difficult if visiting Liverpool with your family, especially if you have children. However, the Palm House provides the solution. Located in Sefton Park the building provides shows and classes for the entire family throughout the day. If you get to the building early enough you can participate in a Yoga class, there may be a circus later in the day, a Salsa festival, or drama workshop (such as the Grimm Tales Workshop). The building also features several free concerts throughout the year.

If you love architecture, you will also find that the palm house building offers something different than the stone structures around the Liverpool area. As most of the buildings have somewhat of an industrial feel (as there are a lot of historical warehouses and industrial buildings), the glass building offers a unique focal point for anyone visiting the area.

Number Five: A ride on the Mersey River

If you want to see Liverpool but do not want to do the walking, a ferry tour on the Mersey River is a great option. You may be experienced with the film called Ferry Cross the Mersey or the song which accompanied the film.

mersey ferry

Liverpool is the source of that river. The Mersey river is a 70 mile long river that starts in Manchester and flows to the Liverpool bay. There are several options which are available with various amenities. For example: If you chose the Dazzle Ferry, you can expect a very colorful boat which encourages a family atmosphere. If you want a more traditional style of tour, you may want to choose the Manchester Ship Canal Cruise. Keep in mind that with both options, you will be on the boat for a while (as the Manchester ship cruise covers 35 miles of the canal and the Dazzle tour takes 50 minutes).

Rain or Shine there is always something in Liverpool

Liverpool has a vast amount of options available for those which are on a day trip. Most of the attractions can be enjoyed for a relatively low amount, many under £20. If you happen to choose to visit Liverpool on a rainy day, do not worry. There are a great many museums and cathedrals which you can visit. Rain or shine there is always something to do in Liverpool.

1 As reported by the Liverpool museum