Seville For Sunshine, Style and Spectacular Events

Seville is about as typically Spanish a city as you’ll find. Just strolling around the streets you will see that Seville is brimming with atmosphere, colourful people, stylish shops, history and architecture.  There are many reasons to visit Seville, one of them being the southern Spanish sun of course!  Here’s a few more reasons why your next trip should be to Seville.



It’s a long running argument – did Flamenco originate in Seville or in Jerez? One thing is clear and that is that Seville is the modern-day capital of the traditional Spanish dance.

There are many genres of the dance – too many to describe – but Flamenco stems from the a particular style – check out jazz flamenco for some of the coolest moves and sounds in the flamenco movement!  The best place to get some background on Flamenco is at Seville’s Flamenco Dance Museum – El Museo del Baile Flamenco. The museum is well set out and if it’s inspired you try out a few steps, there is no better place to learn than in Seville. If you are feeling brave,  you can get a fairly intense introduction to Flamenco at one of the city’s many dance schools – but don’t expect too much – people take years to master the art!

If you’d rather just sit back and enjoy, then why not buy tickets to a flamenco show and watch the professionals demonstrate how it’s done. The dancers in Seville are some of the world’s best, which means the tickets may not always come cheap, but they will certainly be worth it.


Spaniards will tell you that there are only two places in Spain worth seeing a bullfight – Madrid and Seville. 1758 was the year that construction began on the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza and the bullring has hosted many famous matadors and many memorable fights over the years since and continues to do so. You can get tickets fairly cheaply if you’re prepared to sit in the sunny side, but note that the bullfighting season runs only through the summer months. If in Seville in summer, however, then this is one ticket you simply must look into.

Holy Week

Holy Week – called Semana Santa in Spanish – is the week running up to Easter and is one of the most important weeks in the Spanish calendar. In Seville, that importance is doubled as their Semana Santa is the most famous in the country, with visitors flooding into the city during the week to enjoy the festival and soak up the atmosphere.

The city comes alive with colour, processions and pageants everywhere you look. Easter Sunday is a serious business in Spain, so remember the importance of the time of year for local people! If you can plan your holiday to be in the city for Holy Week then it’s really worth doing  Book your flights and accommodation quick though, as the city can get booked up pretty fast. Go with Oh have apartments across Seville – a good option if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the city, no matter what time of year.