Thailand is famous for its exciting and extravagant festivals. They often last several days and attract large crowds from all over the world. Thousands of people help to decorate the towns and cities colorfully, set up stages and competitions, create parade floats, and plan entertainment.

This is a country with a wealth of history and culture, and for those people looking for a memorable holiday, Thailand is the perfect choice. The best time to plan a trip to Thailand is anytime from October through March, when they are celebrating one of the many festivals of the land. The following celebrations are just a few of the many exciting festivals held in Thailand.

Tak Loy Krathong Sai Festival

The Loy Krathong Sai Festival is an amazing event held in North Thailand in November. This is a three-day event in which residents place various floats in the river as offerings to the water spirits. Floats are typically constructed of leaves and are filled with such things as candles, incense and flowers. Before people release their floats, they pray and make a wish, which the water spirits are supposed to make come true.

Another beautiful part of the Loy Krathong Sai Festival is the releasing of lantern balloons. Just as with the floats, people make wishes before they release their balloons into the sky, and there are often thousands of lantern balloons lighting up the night sky. Fireworks are also a common event during the festival, lighting the sky with many breathtaking colors.

There are many fun activities during the day as well, including such things as balloon competitions, inner tube races, diving competitions, musical entertainment and dinner boats. Hundreds of vendors line the river banks selling their wares, and beautiful Thai women dance while singing traditional Thai songs. Perhaps the most exciting event of the festival though, is the extravagant parade, with its spectacular floats, exotic dancers and drummers.

The Sunflower Festival

The Sunflower Festival runs from November through January in the Northern Providences of Khok Samrong and Phatthana Nikhom in celebration of these lovely flowers. During these months, locals literally cover the area in sunflowers. Visitors to the area can take a train ride to view the more than 12,000 acres of the beautiful flowers growing in the fields near Pasak dam.

Originally, sunflowers were grown simply as decorations for Thai homes. However, today the flowers are grown for their oil and seeds, and residents in the Lop Buri region regard them as valuable cash crops. When in the Lop Buri region, it is highly recommended that travelers visit King Nari’s palace and his three pagodas as well. With so much beauty in the area, a trip to Thailand during The Sunflower Festival is sure to be a holiday to remember always.

Chiang Thai National Elephant Day Festival

The Chiang Thai National Elephant Festival is held in March and is perhaps the most exciting Thai festival of all. Elephants have made a large historical contribution to Thailand in many different respects including transportation, agriculture and even wars. Thus, Thais have much respect and admiration for these majestic beasts. Some Thais even believe that Thailand is constructed in the shape of an elephant’s head.

The festival is held outside of Chiang Mai in the Maesa Elephant Camp and offers a thrilling travel experience for visitors to the country. Locals set the camp up for retired working elephants so that they can live their final days in comfort and tranquility. It is free to enter the park; and while visiting, tourists can ride the elephants through the jungle, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the land.

These are just a few of the fabulous festivals held in Thailand each year. Some other exciting festivals that travelers will not want to miss include The Monkey Buffet Festival, The Hat Yai Lantern Festival, The Trooping of the Color Festival and The Songkran Thailand’s Water Festival. All of these festivals are held between October and March, offering a Thailand travel experience that will be cherished for many years to come.

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