Spain is famous for its delightful scenery, delicious cuisine, stunning beaches and vibrant celebrations, which is why any tourist would love to get a genuine taste of what Spanish culture has to offer. There are a select few cities and locations in Spain that are capable of providing you with the perfect depiction of Spanish history, culture, industry and skill, so here are what we believe should be two nailed on tourist destinations for you this summer if you intend to learn everything there is to know about Spain!


Toledo is perched at the top of a vast mountain region, instantaneously providing you with stunning views overlooking central Spain. In the past it has been dubbed “the City of Three Cultures” thanks to its population being of mixed faiths. The multicultural atmosphere has played host to a number of different religious festivals, whilst the differing faiths have contributed to a wonderfully mixed and varied society.

Back in the 16th century, Toledo was actually the capital of Spain. Its glorious location, beautiful architecture and ever-growing industries have always been admired by Spanish citizens and tourists alike. Its architecture in particular is inspired by design trends present during the Roman Empire, making it a city of significant historical value. Tourists can make their way through the mazy streets and pathways, taking in the sites and exploring the vast history that has been admirably maintained.


Cathedrals, synagogues, mosques and an imposing ancient Roman fortress fully portray the classical significance of Toledo. Wherever you go, history and architecture are staring you in the face, so you’ll never lose interest as you take a walk through the plethora of tranquil streets. Zordocover is a popular plaza in Toledo, delivering the thoroughly detailed introduction you’ll need to understand Spanish culture entirely. Many historical events took place in Zordocover, as it is, and always has been, a well-populated part of the city.

Once you’ve exhausted the shops and gathered your souvenirs in Zordocover, you can make your way through the quiet streets and rest up at the local cafes and bars. You’ll be able to try out the local specialities in cuisine, from delightful wines to other traditional snacks such as tapas.

Toledo’s artistic presence is unrivalled, with plenty of museums and galleries around for you to investigate and enjoy. Many famous faces have had their say when it comes to contributing to Toledo’s reputable artwork and architecture. The famous Spanish Painter, El Greco, used to reside in Toledo, with his artwork still decorating striking cathedrals and iconic landmarks across the city.


Seville is probably one of the busiest cities in Spain, rivalling the likes of Madrid with its sheer vibrancy and popularity. With so many tourist attractions on offer, an explosive nightlife atmosphere and enough festival celebrations to keep any party-goer satisfied, you certainly won’t struggle to find things to see and do in Seville.


Seville is the capital city of Andalusia and is regarded as the main location in southern Spain. The thriving cultural atmosphere is accompanied by financial stability and an increasing demand for real tourist venues and real estate, making it Spain’s cultural and financial capital. The huge popularity of the city has been acted upon, with an upgraded infrastructure that has incorporated a new airport, a speed train that travels directly to Madrid and a brand new train station.

It’s also quite easy to get around in Seville, with such a vast population of people looking to commute or just enjoy the splendour of the city throughout the weekends. Alongside all the latest infrastructure upgrades, you’ll have taxis, trams and a useful metro station available to get you across the city in no time.

The excitement never seems to dull down in Seville, with so much to see and plenty more to get involved with. Tourists hoping for an annual event during their visit won’t be disappointed, with new things happening every day and inspirational events taking place throughout the course of the year.

Seville is also covered in historic landmarks and locations, making it one of the most cultural destinations you can visit in Spain. Despite the fact that modernised renovations had to take place to provide for the international exposition in 1992, Seville has treated its historical architecture and cultural values with the utmost consideration.

The Grand Cathedral of Seville is one of many awe-inspiring buildings that you’ll come across in Seville, although the cathedral holds some truly remarkable secrets that any enthused explorer would love to investigate. You can learn more about the acclaimed burial site of Christopher Columbus and delve through the cathedral tunnels, caverns and tombs as well.


You’ll find some particularly imposing artwork throughout the city, not least with what is often described as the largest wooden structure on the planet. The Metropol Parasol sits in the centre square of the busiest high street in Seville, so you certainly won’t miss the formidable structure should you decide to do a bit of shopping.

Another stunning landmark in Seville is the University of Seville, which has offices built upon the first European tobacco factory. If you’re interested in uncovering more of the older institutions in Seville, you can visit the countless amounts of art galleries, museums, entertainment venues and theatres.

One of the most significant days in the Spanish calendar is the day of the April fair. All the traditional and ancient customs that you can think of accompany a vibrant party atmosphere, flamenco dancers, sparkling costumes and delicious traditional cuisine.

Once night falls and the vibrant party atmosphere starts to kick in, you can expect to get a genuine taste of what the nightlife is really like in Spain. From bars and nightclubs to festivals and parties, Seville comes alive during the later hours, giving you all the examples you need of genuine Spanish culture.

Mike James has always had the travel bug and loves the diversity, culture and tradition found in Spain. With Seville & Valencia at the top of her favourite cities list, Mike has a property background and often writes about his trips for Panorama Properties, a Marbella based real estate agent.