Travel Writers welcomes the following guest post from a frequent visitor to Sin City. Here he shares his experience of going more upmarket.

I recently embarked on a rather glamorous trip to Las Vegas in the USA. I have been several times before; however, I had a little extra cash this time, and the temptation to spoil myself a little was just too difficult to resist.

I paid for a number of upgrades which were all meant to add a little value to the ‘Sin City’ experience. However, not all of my upgrades were worth the extra expense.

My first mistake took place in the airport. I paid £500 to upgrade my economy seat to business class. Unfortunately, all I got for this substantial outlay was a slightly wider seat and a glass of champagne. The flight to Las Vegas takes around eleven hours; more than enough time to plan some exciting activities. However, the potency of the champagne knocked me out for several hours. My brother and I arrived in Las Vegas at around 3PM, and we made our way straight to the airport’s taxi-stand after clearing customs. We quickly realised that there wasn’t that much difference between the price of cabs and the price of limo hire. We therefore loaded our luggage into a beautiful Cadillac limousine for the ten minute journey to the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Strip area includes a selection of some of the world’s most incredible hotels. The best way to describe this part of Nevada is to compare it with a theme park; however, this is the play area of adults. Every hotel has its own particular theme. The main facility in these incredible hotels is usually the casino; however, the hotels themselves are unusual and exciting visitor attractions. Pirate ships, the waterways of Venice, the Manhattan skyline and the Pyramids of Giza are just some of the incredible spectacles on view in Las Vegas. Exploring these marvels of engineering will undoubtedly take a few days; we spent hours simply walking around in awe!

Las Vegas is unlike any other place on earth. Staying in five-star luxury anywhere else would require a formal dress-code and a budget to rival a small country. However, Las Vegas is a place where anything goes. The splendid opulence of the surroundings is awe-inspiring, yet the ambience is laid-back and casual. Unlike the stiff and staid casinos of Europe, Las Vegas hotels and casinos allow people to wear shorts and T-shirts; we didn’t see one suit or tie during our entire visit. The Venetian is an incredible hotel, and it is home to an impressive recreation of the waterways of Venice. Guests have dozens of eating establishments to choose from, and there are a number of entertainment facilities that host shows and a multitude of live performances.

A holiday in Las Vegas is not as expensive as many people believe it is. There are a number of incredible offers on rooms and dining. I travelled with my brother, and we decided to share a room to save a little money. We stayed in the beautiful Venetian Hotel which charged us only £400 for ten nights. The Venetian is officially a four-star hotel, yet it feels like a palace.

I have travelled all over the world, and I can honestly say I have never experienced anywhere like Las Vegas. It is course, crass and very loud; I can safely say it is the greatest place on earth! I thoroughly recommend a stop in Sin city if you ever are on holiday in the USA … maybe just not the way I did it.