Many people might instinctively recoil from the idea of an escorted tour holiday, but they offer many more benefits than you might think. An escorted tour can allow travellers to leave much of the stress and hassle of organising a holiday behind them at home, and give insights and experiences that a more individualistic sort of break might overlook.

One common misconception about escorted tours is that travellers are led around like a flock of sheep by a tour guide. This tour guide then rambles on about various places, as you wander in a daze from venue to venue. In actual fact, this is a long way from the truth. Travellers are helped to find what they want to see and do by a local person, with an in-depth knowledge of the area.


This can be a tremendous help, especially in countries which are long way from home, or where the locals speak a language which you do not know. Whether it is the location of the best local vineyard or golf course, or where to find the best shopping streets, the guide will be able to point travellers in the right direction, without being too obtrusive.

Of course, much of the planning of the holiday is taken out of the travellers’ hands. The itinerary, destinations and activities are often planned in advance. This removes the hassle of worrying about whether transport workers are on strike, or where the bus or rail station is in an unfamiliar city. Travellers can simply be at a pre-arranged rendevous, with their luggage, and can simply sit back and enjoy the journey to the next destination.

Another advantage to this kind of trip is the access it can grant to usually overcrowded or inaccessible places. Whether you are in Rome trying to see the Sistine Chapel, or enjoying one of the escorted tours of New Zealand which companies like ANZCRO can provide, a guide can get you in much more easily than if you were on your own. It is sometimes possible to jump queues as part of a guided your group, and gain access to places which only locals know about.

In addition to the benefits of local knowledge, there is also a strong social aspect to enjoying escorted tour holidays. Being in a group like this means that travellers can meet new people, and experience exciting and exotic sights and sounds with potential new friends. If you are used to travelling alone, or as part of family group or couple, then this can open up exciting new horizons.

An escorted tour can be a wonderful experience if you choose the right destination and the right your operator. As with any other kind of holiday, planning and preparation are key to ensuring that you have a wonderful, life-affirming holiday. Get it right, and you could set a pattern which you will be keen to repeat again and again.