With summer nearly here, millions of people will be jetting away to exotic locations around the world. From a traditional Seine river cruise and the frantic last-minute planning to renewing passports and booking taxies to the airport, there are always some considerations holidaymakers seem to put on the back burner. But none of these are as important as your health and safety when travelling.

Having a safe and enjoyable experience is the very minimum we expect from globetrotting, but that doesn’t mean you’re free from responsibility. Take a look at our guide to travelling advice and safety below to ensure you have the best time abroad possible, hopefully without incident or injury!


Looking Back

Whether you’re at the airport or in your hotel bar, you’ll quickly have to get used to carrying around a bag or two when travelling. Things can easily come loose when moving from place to place however, so before you walk off always check your pockets for your essentials, and look back to see if you’ve dropped anything. Travelling can be very distracting, so you’re more likely to leave a coat, scarf or even a camera behind where people are watching!

Separate Sources For Your Money

Keeping all of your money in a single place is a bad idea when travelling. Whether it’s in your hotel room under a pillow or in your wallet, cash and cards can easily go missing, even more likely so from your person when you’re out and about. It can be very difficult to get replacements for your cards when you’re on the road, so make sure you have separate sources for your money, like cash, card, travellers’ cheques and even emergency funding online.

Keeping essential items in your back pocket is also inadvisable. As you may already know, it’s very easy to swipe a wallet, mobile phone or a credit card from your back pocket, especially if you’re standing in a crowd. To avoid being pickpocketed, keep such items in your front pockets when travelling, preferably with a zip for extra security!

Make Copies of Documents

If the unimaginable does happen and you do lose your passport, travel insurance or any other important document, you’ll be glad that you made copies before you departed. It only takes a couple of minutes to make a copy of your documents, whether you store them online or make a physical copy to carry around with you. You could even store them on your smart phone for extra security.

Don’t Flash The Cash

No matter what the destination, flashing your cash when travelling can make you a hot target for thieves. Furthermore, many of the places you’ll be travelling to – especially in Southeast Asia – will be underdeveloped, so obvious affluence isn’t the most appreciated characteristic locals like to see from tourists. Also bear in mind that some small change in your pocket will likely be a big tip to a waiter, so if you’re happy with the service don’t be afraid to show your gratitude.