Travelling with your grandkids is a lot of fun and is a great way to bond with them while they are still young. While many would say this is very challenging, the truth is it can be done smoothly through proper planning, particularly, when you take out seniors travel insurance with kids covered for free. Here are 7 things you need to keep in mind during your travel with kids.


Know as much as you can about the kids

Talk to the parents and know as much as you can about the kids. Who is allergic to what? What are their general likes and dislikes? Who is the picky eater? You need to cover all bases so that there will be no nasty surprises during the trip. It is also best to ask the parents the interests of the kids so that you can include this in your vacation planning.


Try spending time with the kids with short trips

Now that you have some idea of the kids’ likes and dislikes, you can take short trips with them around town. Perhaps you can take them for an afternoon ice cream by the bay. Or you can have a family picnic in the nearby park. This gives you opportunities to gauge if you can handle them on your own. This also gives you a chance to know them better and perhaps bond a little bit more before your long trip.

Involve the kids in the planning

If you already have a destination in mind, allow the kids to know about your plans by telling them what they can expect from the trip. Perhaps you can give them an opportunity to voice out their concerns and suggestions. If there is too many activities to choose from in the places you want to go to perhaps you can ask the kids which ones they like doing the most.

Get the kids excited and informed

When you have finalized your trip tell the kids about your destination, what you would do when you get there, and the things they can expect from the trip. Inform them every step of the way and get them excited. This positive vibe can help you and the kids truly enjoy the vacation.

Cater the needs of the kids

When you plan out the vacation cater to the needs of the kids first. Find places to go that is engaging for them and would give the kids tons of fun and happy memories. Remember that this trip is primarily for them and not you. Secure travel insurance for kids so that you are ready for any incidents along the way.

Preparation is the key

Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. Be sure to have all the travel documents ready weeks before the trip. Have a notarized authorization just in case your grandkids need medical attention during the trip. You also need to make sure you have recent photos of the children just in case they get lost. You might also want to have a senior’s travel insurance just to be prepared for any eventualities.

Pack light

You do not want to miss all the fun because you are carrying too much luggage. Plus you also need to be mobile enough to be able to tend to the kids at all times.