3 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Travelling to London

A family trip to London is a wonderful opportunity for your family to bond as you take in the many cultural and historical sites. No matter where you travel in London, your kids will be learning something new and gaining a better understanding of our world. Education and fun go hand-in-hand in London. Your kids will not complain about what they are learning because they will love each day’s adventures.

Witnessing the Changing of the Guard

One of the things you must make plans to do with your family in London is seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Kids love this event, which is full of history and tradition. It is one of the major symbols of London, so seeing it in person is a momentous occasion. Kids will enjoy all the pomp and circumstance, and it will give you an opportunity to explain the history behind it.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre London

Shakespeare Made Easy

All students must study Shakespeare at some point, and many students struggle with understanding his masterpieces. However, when you take a trip to London, your kids will get to see Shakespeare in a new way. For example, a visit to the Globe Theatre is both and educational and fun adventure. Kids will have a deeper appreciation for the time period in which he wrote and an understanding for why he matters.

Harry Potter Train Hogwarts Express

Experiencing Harry Potter’s World

Finally, a trip to London with your children is not complete without taking a Harry Potter tour. The Harry Potter book series was set in and around London, so a tour will bring the books and the films to life. It will also give parents the perfect opportunity to discuss literary elements such as setting. Plus, your kids will love every minute of it!