Tired of Your Mundane Job? Take a Working Holiday in Australia Now!

Its 6:00 a.m., you have hit the snooze bar twice and you are going for the round three.

You don’t want to get ready for work since there is no joy, no excitement, just a day full of tasks.

The only thing that keeps you going is the idea of jetting away somewhere which allows you to relax and unwind whilst help you cover daily expenses for living. Right?

Well, then why not take a working holiday visa for Australia?

A Working Holiday visa?

Yes, a working holiday visa allows someone to visit and stay in a country longer than the average tourist visa and also provide opportunity to undertake short-term employment there.

The visa, usually lasts for 1 year and provides the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you like throughout the country. Additionally, the consent of working legally means having a great back up to save money or at least fund the appetite for adventures and other leisure activities.

Why Move to Australia for a Working Holiday?

Australia has long been a favourite destination to work and holiday due to its strong economy, great range of attractions and liveable cities. The country has been remarkably sheltered from negative economic effects since two decades.

Given below are some of the great reasons that proves how living in Australia on a working holiday visa provide a whole new perspective on work and life.

Abundant Job Opportunities and Valuable Work Experience:

There are range of industries in Australia looking to offer part-time employment including restaurant and hospitality, retail and warehouse staff, health and aged care, tutorship in schools and universities, cab driving, etc.

No matter what kind of role you undertake in Australia on working holiday visa, it will always count as an international work experience by the employers in your home country. You will always be recognised on the basis of ability to take risks and willingness to adapt to changes.

Perfect Amalgamation of Adventure, Serenity and Natural Beauty: There is something that everyone can enjoy while being on a working holiday in Australia. No matter, if you are an adventure junkie or crave for solitude, you will always be in awe with the country’s crystal-clear beaches, adventure activities, natural beauty and great food.

A Better Cultural Understanding: Multiculturalism is one of the main reasons behind the unwavering success of Australia. The country has always valued authenticity and abhor pretention. By working in such country, one gets the chance to immerse more into different cultures, lifestyle, and make lifelong friends.

Raring to go Australia on a working holiday visa?

Great! Then, let’s start with understanding the requirements for this visa.

Australia Working Holiday Maker Program

Currently, there are two types of visas included in the working holiday maker program including Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) and Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462).

Both the visas allow to stay and work in Australia for up to 12 months be it part-time, full-time, casual, and voluntary work. One can also leave and re-enter Australia any number of time till the visa is valid.

The visa also allows to study for a maximum for 4 months in Australia, however, it is not suitable for people looking for full-time study or permanent residency in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria to Fulfil

To be eligible for Australia’s Working Holiday Maker Program:

You must have an age between 18 and 30 at the time of lodging an application
You must have a valid passport of a country included in the Work and Holiday program with Australia
You must not have a dependent child while you are in Australia
You must not have previously entered in Australia on working holiday visa
You must have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Australia
You must meet health and character requirements
You must be a genuine visitor

Why Look for the Assistance of a Reliable Migration Agent?

Applying for any visa for Australia can be daunting because of the number of rules and regulations involved. Besides, dealing with immigration authorities alone and failing to submit even a single document may cause a delay or rejection of visa.

A registered migration agent or consultant on the other hand is a person who is well-informed about the updated news, rules and regulations of the migration field. Such people are always known for following ethical practises and offering quality services. Getting their assistance turns out to be a great help in every phase of a visa application. They make sure all the required documents are submitted properly and the positive outcome is achieved in no time.

Author Bio:

Dharmendra Patel is a director of Aussizz Group and renowned visa consultant recognised by the professional body like Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia (MARA). Being in the immigration industry for more than 8 years, Dharmendra has played a pivotal role in helping aspiring students lead a global career and immigrants to successfully relocate to foreign countries.


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