This post comes to us from Lucia……

At some point, most of us have dreamt about travelling the world. Now, with a few more years behind me, the thought of staying in a cramped hostel, bursting at the seams with gap year students isn’t too appealing. But there is more than one way to see the world – whether you’re flying, taking to the seas, and using pedal power to get you to your destination!

two bikes by the sea on a sunny day

Luxury Cruise

While the word “luxury cruise” may conjure up images of deck games and tea dances  Modern luxury cruises cater to a wide variety of demographics.  There are many benefits to  seeing the world from a cruise ship and my favourite is, that you don’t have to worry about re-packing your bags or waiting in long queues at airports, everything is laid on for you, entertainment, lots of places to eat, and lots of excursions to expertrue luxury in every sense.

I’d highly recommend travelling on a smaller cruise ship, these types of intimate ships are all about the destinations but they can still be very comfortable and offer you a good adventure on water.


Not for the fainted hearted, but certainly one of the most rewarding ways to see the world. A cycling tour is a fantastic way to travel for those who want to absorb the local culture, get fit, and bond with your fellow cyclists. Cycling at your own pace in the great outdoors is great – you have time to look at things, before you’ve gone past them! And you’re going somewhere under your own steam, so come the end of the day, you’re properly ready for a good nights rest.

Its a good idea to be in good health before taking up this challenge, since you will have to pedal for many hours a day. During the tour, there will be plenty of opportunities to escape the saddle and put your feet up. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then check with your local cycling club and check their programme of up and coming cycling tours.

Travelling By Camper Van camper van on the road

A great way to travel is to hit the road in a camper van. Having travelled through France in a campervan myself, its a liberating ways in which to travel.

Hitting the open road means you do not have to pay excessive prices for hotels or Guest Houses because you can stay in some fantastic camping site. Long drives did at times, leave me a little blurry eyed. So we regularly stopped at campsites, sometimes taking a breather for 2-3 days. In the majority of Europan countries you can find some great family campsites and if you’ve got your own camper van, the pitching fee is usually reasonable.  You can find some great deals from popular camping tour operators.

One of the main benefits of travelling in a campervan is that you’re in control. You have to learn the road rules wherever you go, but with a bit of application and practice, that’s easily done.

I really hope the above will provide you with some inspiration to travel the world, or at least part of it! Happy travelling.